Life on and off campus

Deciding on a study programme goes hand in hand with deciding on a study location. You can get to know the unique flair of our university and the lovable city of Eberswalde directly on site. We have collected all the most important information about the university and Eberswalde as a place of study. Take a look at the wealth of opportunities you can enjoy and get involved in while you study.


Student action at the HNEE

Active participation, involvement and initiative – in teaching as well as in the wider university context – are key values at the HNEE. You can play a part in actively shaping the course of the university. Here is an initial overview of the wide range of opportunities and initiatives for student action at the HNEE.

Representing student interests

There are various bodies for representing student interests at the HNEE. Click here to find out which representation bodies there are and what exactly they do.

AStA? FSR? Student Vice President? No idea what any of this means? No problem!
Just watch this informative video explaining how student interests are represented at the HNEE.

Student initiatives – something for everyone

There are 25 initiatives run by students on a voluntary basis. From nature protection and social interaction to creative projects, there is something for everyone. Click here to find out where you can get involved.

Some of the student initiatives have created videos to give you an impression of who they are and what they do (Videos in German and English):

Naturfreunde Eberswalde (Naturfriends Eberswalde)

IFSA Eberswalde

Philisophy Circle Eberswalde

We look forward to welcoming you to the university and your involvement in the student initiatives. See for yourself!

Baumfunk - Our podcast about studying

A new project, initiated by students of the HNEE, is our podcast “Baumfunk” (tree radio), with which we would like to give you regular information about studying at the HNEE.
All episodes can be found in our media library.




Project workshops – run by students, for students

In the project workshops, our students decide what is taught! To find out how it works and which project workshops are currently running at the HNEE, click here..


Eberswalde – it really is lovely here!

Just a 30-minute train ride north-east of Berlin, Eberswalde is surrounded by nature protection areas and biosphere reserves. It is home to Germany’s oldest waterway, the Finow canal, which is still in operation and listed as a historical monument. The wealth of cultural events, such as the annual film festival “Provinziale”, the concert series “Guten Morgen Eberswalde” and Brandenburg’s most tasteful Christmas market, are just some of the aspects that make Eberswalde such an attractive destination. Catch a glimpse of what lies in store here.


360° virtual tour of Eberswalde

Take a stroll round the marketplace and to our two campuses, pay the baker Wiese a virtual visit, and much more with this interactive 360° virtual tour of the forest city of Eberswalde. Follow this link to try it out!

The University’s Forest Botanical Garden

Founded in 1830, the Forest Botanical Garden (Forstbotanische Garten) is one of Europe’s oldest botanical gardens. It is the perfect place to relax, practice yoga and take a stroll.

Map: Eberswalde for Beginners

Discover interesting places in and around Eberswalde with this interactive map.



#Studying in Eberswalde
Thinking about studying in the fields of sustainable economics, tourism, wood engineering or nature conservation? Be it a Bachelor’s, Master’s, dual or part-time degree – sustainability-focused study programmes for the future await you at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development. Come to our open day and find out what you can study here, just a stone’s throw from Berlin! Our student advisory service is available to answer any questions you might have about our diverse and unique range of programmes. We look forward to seeing you there.