Programme digital Study Information Week

Welcome to the digital Study Information Week of the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development

In various virtual rooms, we provide information about our wide range of study programmes. You will also find general student counselling for questions about application and admission requirements.

To familiarise yourself with the campus, we are offering a guided tour of the HNE Eberswalde Campus on 28 March  from 2pm to 4pm for prospective students and parents. If you are interested, please register at!

For all those who cannot come on 28 March, our university information day will take place on 1 June 2024, when we will open our doors to everyone. 

How to take part in our info day

Via smartphone, tablet, laptop / PC

All you need is the BBB (Big Blue Button) link. The link is provided for each study programme here on the website. Simply click on it. You will then automatically take part in the study programme presentation.  The BBB client will be downloaded automatically when you attend your first BBB meeting. You can decide for yourself whether you register with your real name or not. You can also ask your questions at any time via the chat. The event will not be recorded.

Do you need technical or personal support to take part in the info dayContact us at:

Save the date!

The next University Information Day will take place on June 1st  2024 alongside the Eberswalde City Festival.


The presentations last about 20-30 minutes each, following time for questions. Programmes marked with an * are taught in English.

Bachelor`s programmes  (times in CET)

Wood Engineering – Prof. Peter Neumeister                                                                                            Mon, 15.01.2024      3 pm         German      HERE

Organig farming and Marketing – Prof. Anna Maria Häring                                                                 Mon, 15.01.2024      6 pm         German      HERE

Designing sustainable food and agricultural systems – Dr. Stefanie Albrecht                               Mon, 15.01.2024      6:45 pm    German     HERE

Wood Engineering Dual – Prof. Peter Neumeister                                                                                  Tue, 16.01.2024        3 pm          German      HERE

Forestry – Dr. Astrid Schilling & Prof. Dr. Jens Schröder                                                                       Wed, 17.01.2024      9 am          German     HERE

International Forest Ecosystem Management – Prof. Tobias Cremer & Juliette Ferrére             Thu, 18.01.2024       10 am        English      HERE

Landscape Management and Natur Conservation – Prof. Stefan Julich                                           Thu, 18.01.2024        4 pm         German     HERE

Sustainable Economics and Management – Prof. Uwe Demele                                                           Fri, 19.01.2024         12 pm        German     HERE 

The following Bachelor’s degree programme is currently being planned and is expected to start in the winter semester 2024/2025:

Socio-ecological Forest Management – Prof. Dr Pierre Ibisch & Christoph Nowicki                       Tue, 16.01.2024       3pm      German        HERE


Master’s programmes (times in CET)

Biosphere Reserves Management* – Prof. Dr. Denise Margaret Matias                                             Mon, 15.01.2024     10 am         English       HERE

Sustainable Regional Development – Prof. Katja Arzt                                                                            Mon, 15.01.2024      2 pm          German      HERE

Biosphere Reserve Management* – Katharina Linne                                                                              Mon, 15.01.2024      6 pm          English       HERE

Sustainable  Tourism Management – Birte Kaddatz                                                                                Tue, 16.01.2024       9:30 am     German      HERE

Global Change Management* – Prof. Martin Welp                                                                                   Tue, 16.01.2024     10:30 am     English       HERE

Organic Farming and Food Systems – Prof. Ralf Bloch & Gerriet Trei                                                 Tue, 16.01.2024       2 pm          German      HERE

Sustainable  Tourism Management – Birte Kaddatz                                                                                 Tue, 16.01.2024      2 pm           English       HERE

Forestry System Transformation* – Prof. Carten Mann                                                                           Tue, 16.01.2024       2 pm           English       HERE

Global Change Management* – Prof. Martin Welp                                                                                    Tue, 16.01.2024       5 pm           English       HERE

Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation                                                                                  Wed, 17.01.2024    10 am       GER/ENG      HERE

– Prof. Britta M. Gossel, Dr. Daniel J. Kruse & Dr. Mona Mirtsch

Sustainable Business Management – Ulf Leusmann                                                                                 Wed, 17.01.2024        5 pm         German      HERE

Forest Information Technology* – Prof. Jan-Peter Mund                                                                        Thu, 18.01.2024         9 am         English       HERE 

Wood Engineering – Prof. Silke Lautner                                                                                                      Wed, 17.01.2024      10.30 am    German      HERE

Forest Information Technology* -Prof. Luis Miranda                                                                               Thu, 18.01.2024         4 pm          English       HERE


Continuing education master, part-time

Education – Sustainability – Transformation – Prof. Dr. Heike Molitor & Claudia Friede                 Tue, 16.01.2024         6 pm        German      HERE 

Strategic Sustainability Management – Dr. Anke Strauß                                                                            Wed, 17.01.2024        6 pm        German     HERE

The presentations last approx. 20-30 minutes, after which there is time for questions. Study programmes marked with an * are taught in English.


General student counselling

Information on the study programmes, application and admission procedure. Open question and answer session.

Allgemeine Studienberatung – Study support team                                                            Thu, 18.01.2024          2 pm  &  6 pm           German      HERE

General Student Counselling – Study support team                                                            Thu, 18.01.2024  2:45 pm  &  6:45 pm      English       HERE